DIY Sparkling Backyard Candles

Now’s the time of year when you just want to be outside…especially once the sun goes down! There is no place I’d rather be than on my patio. As I was enjoying an evening outside the other night, I realized how the only light we had was coming from our citronella torches. While that’s very helpful in keeping the bugs away, in true Forks and Flowers fashion, I wanted to come up something a little more creative and fun…and wouldn’t you know it? I put together a little list for you here. 😉

Salt Candles

I had lots of plain pillar candles in the house just sitting around. So, I put glue on the outside of them and rolled them in Epsom salts. The result? A unique, ‘sparkling snowy’ looking candle that is pretty on the porch any time of the year!

Here’s a few more quick ways to brighten your backyard this fall.

Polka Dod Mason Jars

Take small circle stickers (or any shape you want) and place on the outside of clean mason jars. Lay out some paper in the grass and place jars upside down. Using metallic spray paint, spray an even coat on the jars. Allow them to dry completely, then apply another coat. After the second coat is dry, carefully remove the stickers. Place a tealight or other candle in the bottom and voila, a cute lighted fixture for your patio.

Wine Bottle Torches

Speaking of repurposing things…I always have some empty wine bottles I can use! I took a string of battery-powered Christmas lights and slide them down into a bottle. Put a few of those together, and you’ve got a great centerpiece for an outdoor table.

What are some of your favorite ways to spruce up your outdoor space? We’d love to hear ‘em on at!

– Nicki