A Valentine’s Day Sweet Treat

Every year, I sign up to bring a treat for my daughter’s Valentine’s Day party at daycare…and every year, I remember two nights before the party. Fear not, busy/forgetful moms—you are not alone! And I’ve got a lovely little recipe that is perfect for Valentine’s Day…and every other color-coordinated event you might have!

Chocolate-dipped pretzel sticks
1 bag of pretzel rods
Chocolate chips or candy melts (either white, red or pink!)
Coordinating sprinkles
Cookie sheet lined with parchment paper

Take a tall drinking glass—make sure it’s microwave-safe—and fill about ¾ full with the chocolate chips/candy melts. Heat in 30 second increments, stirring between each. When it’s melted, take a pretzel rod (either a whole one or break them in half for mini sticks) and dip it in the glass, swirling it around so that about ¾ of the pretzel is covered in chocolate—you don’t want too much excess, so let that drip back into the glass before placing on the parchment-lined cookie sheet. Dip as many pretzels as you need/can fit on the cookie sheet and then shake the sprinkles onto the chocolate-covered pretzel sticks as soon as you can. Place the cookie sheet in the fridge or freezer and allow the chocolate-dipped sticks to cool. Place in a clear treat bag, tie with a red or pink ribbon and there you have it—the cutest little sweet treat for Valentine’s Day!

This is one of those ‘recipes’ I use for just about every party—birthdays, tailgates, Christmas…just change up the candy melts and these fit right in!
Hope you love it!