Glamour Gourds


A few years ago, I was standing on our front porch, looking down at our sad and droopy jack-o-lanterns. Did we carve them too soon? Is this unseasonably warm weather rotting out our pumpkins?! Why, oh why is Halloween ruined?!?! (OK—maybe that last thought was a little dramatic.) But it’s true—you want to have your pumpkins out and on display for weeks before Halloween so you can enjoy them! A great (and less messy) alternative to carving pumpkins is to paint them! Seems simple enough—the first time we painted them, I painted mine with a cute, swirly “C” and some polka dots, and my husband went all out and painted an Angry Bird on his. Success! This year, I wanted to get a little more creative and since the kids are older, they can participaint too! (See what I did there?)

Anyway, here are a couple ideas to try out this Halloween!

Spider Pumpkins
Ornamental pumpkins
Black spray paint/acrylic craft paint
Foam paint brushes
8 twigs per pumpkin
Small knife (Exacto)
Yellow or red pins (2 per pumpkin for eyes)
White contact paper, cut into 2 small triangles

I love those tiny little pumpkins…and kids love doing this project! Paint the entire pumpkin black with the acrylic paint and allow to completely dry (a few hours or overnight, if possible). Spray paint the twigs and allow them to dry, too—these will be the spider legs! Once everything is dry, you’re ready to assemble. Simply cut small holes on the side and insert the twig legs. Use the pins as eyes and stick the contact paper triangles to the pumpkin as teeth! This is a great project for the kids—either at home or for a classroom Halloween party! *You can also use black pipe cleaner for the legs if you want to skip the twig step.

Stencil and Spray Pumpkins
Pumpkins of various sizes
White contact paper, cut into shapes (spiders, bats, polka dots, etc.)
Spray paint of various colors—match to any theme!

angry pumpkin

Simply place your contact paper shapes on your pumpkin and spray paint away! I’m loving the metallic spray paint right now, and it comes in so many colors—you can have pumpkins to match any theme and use them indoors or out! Peel the contact paper away and there you have it—customized pumpkins to put on display!