Straight Up Stems


Whether it’s a showy centerpiece or a handpicked bunch, fresh flowers can be the perfect addition to any table. Seeing all the different blooms in the floral department just sets my creative wheels into motion…but when I get home and put them in a vase, they end up looking sparse and my flowers keep falling over. So, here’s a tip to keep your flowers standing up straight and your homemade arrangements will look like they were hand-delivered by a professional florist.

What you’ll need:
A vase
Transparent tape
(That’s right. Plain ol’ tape.)

First, put some water in the vase that you’re going to be using. Then, trim your flowers. (This part is totally subjective—I cut mine at different heights, and try to keep some leaves on the stems to add some green fullness to the arrangement.) Take 4 to 6 pieces of tape and criss-cross them across the top of the vase. (See the video below.) This will leave you with a grid-like opening in which you can place the flowers and rearrange until it’s just right.

Sometimes I also like to add rocks to the vase for a different look—or wrap some ribbon around the outside of the vase. Choose things that will match your party theme or your home décor, and have fun with it!