Keep Cool – Cooler Packing Tips


We are right in the heat of the summer…so what better time to offer you some cooler tips? Whether you’re heading to the pool, the beach or the racetrack, here are a few tips that will come in handy when it comes time to pack your snacks.

  • Cold air travels downward—so place your pre-cooled beverages in the cooler first and your ice last.
  • If you have a larger cooler, fill up empty half-gallon milk jugs or orange juice cartons 2/3 full with water and freeze—place in the frozen containers in the corners of your cooler for some homemade containable ice packs!
  • This sounds simple, but by keeping what you’ll eat first on top inside the cooler, you won’t be digging around through the cooler and keeping it open longer than you have to.
  • If you’re packing sandwiches ahead of time, place condiments like mustard and mayonnaise in between the meat and cheese, and not on the bread itself—this will keep your sandwich from getting soggy!
  • Fruits like apples and oranges contain natural juices, so they make the perfect snack—they’re refreshing and won’t dehydrate you.
  • Remember— If you’re heading to Bristol Motor Speedway, glass is strictly prohibited in the grandstand, so opt for cans instead.
  • Everyone has his/her favorite snack—from beef jerky to cookies—so just divvy them up into smaller bags that are easy to take in and out of the cooler/bag…and if everyone wants something different, it wouldn’t hurt to take a permanent marker and write names on the bags!
  • As the day goes by, don’t drain the water out as the ice melts—it actually keeps everything colder to leave that ice water in there!
  • After you come home, mix equal parts water and white vinegar to safely clean out your cooler—don’t use bleach wipes on your bag-type coolers because this can destroy the insulation material.

Give them a try—and get out there and enjoy the rest of the summer!