Packed Lunches


Sure. We’ve all seen those adorable sandwich creations on Buzzfeed or Pinterest—and if you have time to make your child’s sandwich and snacks into a scene from a kids’ movie, then kudos to you! BUT…if you’re like the rest of us, you’re thinking, I’m lucky if I have time to put matching socks on my kids in the morning…let alone sculpt pop-culture masterpieces for their lunchtime enjoyment! Let’s be honest. Those culinary creations only impress other parents. Yeah, kids think they’re cool, but most of them also think armpit noises are just as impressive…so there’s some perspective for you. 😉

Fear not, fellow real-world parent! Here are a few things that can give you a little creative (and healthy!) inspiration…for when you have an extra minute or two to spare!

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 11.58.02 AM

  • I heart you! My daughter hates the crust on her sandwich. LOATHES it. I know someday she won’t be bothered by it, but for now, I take a large heart-shaped cookie cutter and voilà! She’s happy without the crust and I feel like I’ve cutesied up her lunchbox. Use other cookie cutters and mix it up during the week!
  • Arrrr! Mini bananas (Banan-nanas, as they’re affectionately called at Food City) are one of the easiest things to pack for lunch—but how to make them fun? Just take a permanent marker and draw different faces on ‘em—draw a smiley face with an eye patch on there and you’ve got a Captain Banana…the swashbucklin’ cafeteria pirate!
  • Make it count – I know, I know. Lunch is a break from learning…but you can incorporate a little math by cutting your child’s sandwich into puzzle-like pieces. Keep the sandwich together and let him/her move the pieces around to make different shapes at the lunch table!

If you have other fun ideas, we want to see them! Post your fun-food-creation pictures to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #forksandflowers to share with us!